Buenos Aires is the Argentinian capital, the brand for tango dancers and for soccer fans.

Programs in Buenos Aires



The teacher adapts to your pace and learning rhythm in a dynamic interactive one-on-one environment. You may choose the timeline and place to best achieve your expectations.


Survival Spanish

Specially aimed for travellers, the main objective is to ‘survive’ the big city and to be prepared for the rest of your trip. You will learn through real situations, typical for a traveller in South America. Depending on the lenght of the course, you are going to learn some of the following contents.

  • Greetings
  • Telling thanks and excuses
  • Pointing to objects, asking and answering
  • Directions: locate  places in the city
  • Describing habits and routines
  • Giving personal information
  • Understanding and using numbers: age, birthday, time, dates, etc.
  • Days of the week, months, seasons
  • Understanding and using prices (excursions and meals)
  • Alphabet and spelling
  • Ask and tell about origin, countries and languages
  • Ask and explain about work and job
  • Sports and leisure activities
  • Things in the town, shops and shopping
  • Speak about future plans
  • Refer to simple past events
  • Verbs in the simple and progressive  present tense – basics
  • Past perfect (pretérito perfecto)
  • Basic discourse markers to write messages

Short crash-courses

You only have a few hours or days? Do you want to learn what to say in a very special situation?

Just tell us what is your goal and we work on it with you during the time you have; you will be prepared for what you need in a short period of time.