If you visit the North of Argentina you may ask for lessons combining language and culture in this traditional city. “Spanish Language and Culture” is the best way to enjoy northern Argentina.

We offer private tutoring and small groups on demand

Mónica is a remarkable teacher and is willing to advice about tourism in the region if you need help.

San Juan

In the extended region of Cuyo, 200 km in the north of Mendoza you may ask for Spanish lessons in this nice and modern city.

Mariela is the owner of a primary and secondary school, and opened a short time ago a new Spanish school. The location San Juan is ideal for kids or teenagers during school periods. The exchange is guaranteed.

Don’t forget the guest friendly “sanjuaninos”!


Neuquén is the gate to Patagonia. Prepare your trip learning Spanish in this location, you won’t regret it!

The familiar atmosphere and experienced teachers makes Neuquén to a new, attractive destination for Spanish learners.

Ask for “Spanish and South American Landscapes” and you will learn more than the simple survival Spanish.